Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moonlight Struts

I ordered the Moonlight truss system yesterday.  Completion of the scope should be next week sometime.  I am trying something new to mechanically fasten the struts to the tubes.  I saw Teeter use this technique on his struts (he uses moonlight as well).  I will be using rivets to fasten the ball inserts into the tubes.  I picked up a rivet tool and some rivets and tried it out on my existing tubes on my 12.5".  They work great!  I also plan to run the connecting cables through one of the struts.  Ron Ravneberg did this on his scope and it really helps keep the scope nice and tidy.  I will test this on a leftover strut I have on the 12.5".  If it works out ok, I will use it on my 16".

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