Friday, March 12, 2010

Laminate Installed... Secondary Ring just about done

Cemented the Ebony Star laminate this evening.  It always makes me nervous!  It fit just right.  I will be heading to Lowe's tomorrow to pick up a Flush Trim Bit for my router to get the extra laminate off.

Here is a shot of the secondary ring.  I need to get some longer bolts to go through the 3/4" spacers and some washers so the spacers are not digging into the plywood.  Dennis of made the spider brackets (where the spider attaches to the bolt and spacer).  He also made the focuser board.  Great work Dennis!!  I also put a 10-24 threaded insert on the opposite side of the focuser board for the light baffle.  I will be using a threaded knob to attach the baffle.

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