Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rocker box almost completed

Yesterday I just about completed the rocker box. I have a few more pieces of wood to cut, some laminate to place, and I should be done. I hope to have first light this evening. I chipped some of the laminate on the bearings trying to round it over, that was a mistake. It still works, but it just looks bad. Oh well. I may take the laminate off and get some more and apply it.

The real test came tonight when I placed the mirror box into the rocker box. A perfect fit! 1/8" clearance between the rocker box and the mirror box. And 1" of clearance on the bottom corner of the mirror box and the top of the rocker box, like I planned it, heheheh.

I hope to slap a coat of primer on after first light, then paint the first coat of black paint on the puppy tomorrow morning, then the final coat tomorrow evening. I hope to bring it to Perkins Observatory Friday night for her first outing.

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